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Collaboration and management

With BizNexus Digital and Bitrix24 you can acquire and implement the digital tools your company needs not only to survive, but to thrive in 2021. From corporate chat and videocalls to advanced CRM and Project Development solutions.

3. HR Management

Use the digital clock-in and clock-out tool to control your workers worktime using fixed and flexible scheduling, request regular reports from them following preset rules and manage their absences and productivity.


Send public appreciations to high-performers and make use of a robust polling system to get to know your team’s opinion. You can also have a knowledge base to help with new employees set-up and training.

4. Business chats and videoconferencing

Forget time limits in your video calls with your collaborators, keep your conversations safely organized per project without filling up your phone’s storage. Maintain all of your clients' communication unified in a single contact center, no matter where they’re contacting you from: social networks, phone, e-mail or your website.

5. Cloud Drive

Keep all of your company’s data secure and organized in the cloud.

File your documents according to the different projects or departments your business is working on and manage granularly each file and folder permissions, depending on your company’s departments, workgroups, projects and even on an employee by employee basis.

1. Advanced CRM

Keep your clients history and communication unified in a single system. Keep all of your data in a single database and forget about complex integrations between different software services. Work from the office or mobile and access all your sales information at all times.


Develop and execute complex business and commercial processes with powerful automation tools. Integrate your sales funnels to your different conversion channels, such as your website and built-in marketing channels like Mailing, Facebook, Instagram and Google, and measure each channel's Return On Advertising to optimize your marketing budget for each campaign.

2. World class project management

Keep track of all your projects’ different tasks in a single tool, use different project management methodologies depending on each of your company’s projects needs (kanban, list, calendar, gantt).


Use complex automation interactions to maximize your team's efficiency and results. Enjoy a deep integration with the CRM and its unified database. Specify advanced control on each project member’s permissions.

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